A Few Bad Apples

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Here is everything you need to launch your own Few Bad Apples project. If you do this project please let us know so that we can share with the students that their work has inspired others to do the same.

You will find all resources as well as final projects by the students. If you have any thoughts or feedback please leave a comment and we will share that out with the students.

Lisa Barnes, an 8th grade language arts teacher took a chance. She pushed her comfort zone and took an idea she developed to a new level. She had the kids move from just research and regurgitation which so often happens in schools into a phase of Doing Something! They students had to act on their own learning.

It was interesting to work with them briefly when I had time.

They did not believe that it mattered.

They did not believe that their voice held any power.

Some still are not quite sure that their voice matters.

However, they stuck with it and through the journey they found their voice.

This week I will be sharing a post each day for five days. Today the goal is to simply introduce you to the project. I will share a short podcast we recorded so you can hear from the teacher herself about this project. There is also an project outline form.

I will also share a few other things as well. This is the setup. The next four days I will share out the projects the students developed. They are really good. We have all types of students involved in this project. This is what makes it so special.

Please reach out. Leave comments, ask questions, let the students what you think of their work. The more we can bring back to the classroom the more powerful this all becomes.


Lisa Barnes, 8th grade Language Arts teacher explains the project in this podcast

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Project Planning Form

Project Explanation

Reflection Journal for Social Experiment

Reflection Journal Rubric

Brainwriting Activity, not Brainstorming http://wp.me/p4covo-121 

Do Something Presentation Slides

If you want to reach out to Lisa Barnes here is her email lbarnes@bettendorf.k12.ia.us


Student Projects

Title of Project Link to Project
Generation Z Link to Project
It’s Society Not The Teens Link to Project
Stereotypes Are Real Link to Project
Don’t Judge Us Until You Know Us Link to Project
Teens Chance To Volunteer Instagram Link to Project
A Few Bad Apples – PowToon Link to Project
Are Parents and Kids The Same? Link to Project
Teens Can Be Judged Link to Project
You Are Enough Mural Link to Project
Choose Your Destination Link to Project
Don’t Trust Society’s View of Teens Powtoon Link to Project
Can You Trust Teens? Link to Project
No One Person is to Blame for the Stereotypes blog Link to Project
My personal connection about getting judges Link to Project
Stop Judging Teens T-Shirt Link to Project
Teens Can Prove Adults Wrong Link to Project
It Is Not Talking Back Link to Project
Student Voice Twitter Link to Project
Stop Judging Teens Link to Project
Poster Link to Project
Your Voice Can Make The World Better Link to Project
All Teens Are Different Link to Project
Don’t Treat Us The Same Link to Project
Not Everyone Is The Same Link to Project
Vimeo Video Link to Project
First Impression Video Link to Project
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