Avoid the Game of Education and LEARN!

School can be a game to your high level learners. They have figured out the system. They know how to do minimal work to achieve the grades and GPA needed to keep everyone happy. There are times when school can feel like an “irritation” that we all must go through during our lives.  We realize that without the papers showing you graduated it can be hard to reach goals we have set for ourselves.  You must do the work pushed upon you and jump through the hoops to meet the requirements of “learning”. This process it is the teachers in charge of the pathways, not you as an individual.
With internet and tech tools of today you are not able to learn anything you wish. You can become your educator and learner at the same time if you so desire.
I am working through this idea personally. I am signed up for at least four courses online right now. It is up to me to gain the knowledge that I seek. If I don’t, then I can only blame myself. This can be daunting because not everyone is a self motivator, but that is a problem to be addressed another day.
Below I wanted to share a few ideas and resources that have been shared to me through various forums to get you started.
**Head over to Google+ Communities and find groups in your interest. I am learning more and more everyday from these communities. They are really changing the landscape of connections, learning, and sharing.
**MOOCS – I know you hear this term all the time and you hear both good and bad, but when you find a good one you have a PLN for life. I have found quite a few good ones like DLMOOC and LCLMOOC to name my two top favorites.
**Create your own! I am experimenting and creating my own as we speak. Check out my Play PD tab at the top of this site to learn more. I have found that if you want something go create it! I am learning through my own mistakes and failures and it has been great.
Below are examples of how to gather a information and how to get started. I am using resources I pulled from the  Gifted Listserv, but not sure who specifically gave the contribution. I have modified contents for the sake of my website. I am sharing these links as examples on how you can adapt, modify, and use the tools of today to create your own learning. You need to identify your interests and then begin to reach out to the world to see what develops. Don’t be scared. Be an advocate for yourself.
1.   Math in everything (Gather your own resource collection)
2.  Find mentor and become a volunteer assistant. (Find and build your own PLN)
3.  Hands-on creative inventing and manipulation of real objects (Get involved and your hands dirty)



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