Awesome Ava and Dorky Dad Episode 1: Making Slime and Life Lessons

My daughter, Ava, and I have decided to make a series of episodes showcasing our experiments in learning. Ava loves watching videos on YouTube. It is her “tv” and when she plays pretend it is always as if she is making a video.

This is our first episode. It is our experiment making slime. Slime has taken over the world of children and finding Elmer’s Glue is like finding gold. This is our first video so be nice and be sure to give Ava a like to encourage her to make more learning videos.

What I love best is that I am able to model online behavior and awareness as this is their world. More importantly, my goal is to teach my children the act of sharing. We share our ideas to inspire others to learn. She is already looking forward to our next experiment.

Enjoy! and be sure to share with us your slime creations. If you have an experiment for us to try leave a comment here or on YouTube.

More importantly if you like give her a shoutout. It is amazing what a little nudge can do for a kid.


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