Bike(s) of Coffeechug – Boris and Cervelo P1

Well, Boris and I had a great run together these last six months or so.

Boris and I have been riding strong together for 1700 miles. Never had a crash. Never had any issues once we got dialed in and eliminated the terrible knee pain I endured and the one flat tire.

Aiden snapping my photo before rideAnother flat tire imagedfad

Boris and I have traveled almost to Fulton, IL on a flat tire. We have traveled all over Duck Creek and a few times out in the country. Mostly Boris and I were held up inside on a trainer dealing with the dullness of riding and not moving.

Boris lead to a great time for my first triathlon. Good old Boris will not be forgotten, but will be missed as I sold Boris today.

It was a bittersweet moment, but I know good old Boris is in good hands with a Navy guy heading to Maryland.

In other news, my new Cervelo is back in working condition. Thanks to the guys at Healthy Habits for taking a look at it and getting things back up and working. I am going to try another ride tomorrow. I have not had much luck with riding outdoors. This has been my second flat tire in about 8 rides outside. It almost makes want to stick to riding on my trainer, but I know I have to get acclimated to heat and the roads.

So, I will assemble my Cervelo back up to riding position like it was this morning and give it another go tomorrow morning taking today as a rest day. This means my weekly total for this week will be low, but my totals next week will be super high with two long rides in one week.

I just hope that I don’t crash and I don’t get another flat because that will send me over the edge. Perhaps on this long ride I will have a name for this new bike. Nothing has come into view yet, but how can it when you have only rode 2 miles and bang it up against the curb. We have some bonding to do before a name emerges.

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