BMS Theory and Twitch Go Live on Social Media

Today is the day we officially launch and let the world know that BMS Theory and Twitch the Robot are now live on many social media channels.

If you have missed some previous posts, then there is a group of about 6-7 students who have been hard at work each morning and after school working, building, coding, and hacking Mr. Robot. We now have a robot with a bit of a personality and we have goals to one day serve coffee to teachers.

You can get caught up on our journey here

Twitch, the Robot is on the Move!

What are we doing in Coffeechug Cafe?

Today marks a new chapter in the learning and development of BMS Theory. I have been working and supporting these students to make sure the world knows their genius. The world needs to know what they are doing. These students need a digital footprint in the world to showcase what they are doing as 7th graders. Who knows where they will end up, but if they have a trail that they can showcase companies and colleges they are so far ahead of so many students.

Today we launch episode 1 of BMS Theory. This is the name they have come up with about who they are and what they are doing. Their goal is to launch an episode every Friday to share with the world what they are doing. This is so great!

I would love it as well as them if you could give it a watch(it is short), like it, and leave a comment. What would you like them to share in future episodes? What questions do you have? This is all new territory for them and I am working to help them develop their brand and presence.

Additionally, they have a website where they have been hard at work learning how to create the site and load up content. It will continue to showcase all that they are doing.

BMS Theory and Twitch can be reached in the following channels for inquiry, interest, or whatever you need.


Twitch Facebook Page



I could not be more proud of these students. They are doing this on their own. There is no grade. There is no rubric. We just do. We make, we make mistakes, we learn, we challenge, we have fun, and everything else in between.

Since the last post many things have taken shape to get to this point.

  1. The robot completely stopped working. The arms would not move. We soldered wires rewired pretty much everything and it still did not work. We then connected the servos to an Arduino and they worked. Long story short, we realized after way too much work and thinking power that we simply needed to recharge our power supply.IMG_3843
  2. We have learned how to record voices and load them up to Twitch. Be ready for some interesting ideas with this.
  3. We built and assembled a BMS Theory studio for our YouTube channel. They have their own surround system for music while we work and this is where the magic happens.

    Hard at work rearranging Coffeechug Cafe

    Hard at work rearranging Coffeechug Cafe

  4. We also took our logo that Mr. Uhde helped design, cut it out in the vinyl cutter, laid on some cardstock, wired some LEGO LED eyes to it, built a LEGO picture frame, and have now added some more decoration to our bare studio walls.

    This took more work than you realize

    This took more work than you realize

  5. We worked to record our first episode and have everything ready to be launched today right before spring break.


In the end, this journey(that is far from over) has inspired me to remember the power of school, education, and giving students a voice in their learning. I have been speaking at length this year through various workshops, sessions, and keynotes about how we need to push students to get their work out there for the world to see. It needs to happen.

What I love most about this group is that the ownership is all them. I help along the way as does Mr. Uhde, but it is not our project. It is not our plan. We are the adults that help support and give them ideas. It is then completely on them to make it happen. The beauty of this project is that they are making it happen. On their own time, with their own system. What started out as something small has turned into a pretty impressive operation of social media, documenting work, learning code, learning how to build, studying motors, creating a brand, and making sure there is actual value to be shared.

Enjoy their work. Enjoy their journey. It is going to be interesting to see where the next month or so takes us.

More announcements coming soon.



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