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Can you build and design the next Picasso?

IPTV Lesson Plan Template


Many ask where I buy. My last orders I use Kip from Kip Kay website  He is awesome to work with and so far has the best price at the moment. Below are the pieces you need to get started so if you can find cheaper go for it and let me know.

  • Toothbrush (handle removed)
  • Battery (1.5-3v coin, AA, or AAA)
  • Vibration Motor
  • Glue Dots, Double-Sided Tape, or Adhesive
  • Found materials(toothpicks, markers, Play-doh, cups, etc.)


I expect you to learn how to..

  • understand and create an electrical circuit
  • use an electrical circuit to create a brushbot
  • modify your brushbot to design an artbot
  • document and present your creations and learning online
  • develop something new and innovative on your own


We are going to be taking an idea that has been around for a long time to gain an understanding of an electric circuit and how to use some basic tools. From there we will be merging technology, engineering, design principles, problem solving, art, and robotics together to create something fun and unique that you can call your own.

We will start off together following the same videos and instructions to build a base of knowledge. We will all start with the same brushbot to learn how to build and how circuits operate. You will then be expected to design and create your own bot that will create art. We will be using any materials we can find. The possibilities are truly endless. You can use whatever you wish to make your ideas come to life. The final artwork and artbot will be captured and displayed online for others to learn and gain inspiration from to create their own individual bot.

I would like for you to play and tinker, but to also capture the process. So you can sketch with the notebooks provided or you can take pictures and share those with me along the way. It is important that we see where we started and where we ended.

Why did I choose this project?

I chose this project because it is a very laid back and easy lesson for both educators and students to get their feet wet with electronic circuits, playing, and tinkering. There is no stress and through the elements of play and design I hope to inspire others to join the MAKE/DIY  movement.


Brushbot Part 1: Materials and Tools

Brushbot Part 2: Assembly

Brushbot Part 3: Give Me Power!

Brushbot Part 4: Brushbot Challenges

Brushbot Part 5: Brushbot to Artbot

Brushbot Challenges

  • Can you make your Brushbot move straight? Who in your class can go the straightest?
  • Can you make your Brushbot the fastest? Line them up on the race track and let us find out!
  • Can you make your Brushbot move in a circle?
  • Can you make your Brushbost spin in one place?

Artbot Challenges

  • Can you design an artbot that nobody else has created/designed?
  • Can you create a geometric shape?
  • Can you create circles?
  • Can you have the best looking artbot?
  • Can your artbot do something no other bot can do?


Key Questions

Throughout the process ask yourself:

  • How does a circuit work?
  • How can I transform the typical brushbot to an unique artbot?
  • How did my ideas that were successful and unsuccessful effect the final product?
  • Have I documented everything to be share online?
  • Can I clearly explain my new artbot?
  • Where would I like to go next with my learning with artbots?

Assessment: Sharing Your Learning and Bots   

Along your journey I have asked that you take pictures of your bot so that we can showcase what you designed. Please submit your learning where you discuss the answers to the questions above in addition to anything else you would like to add. Even more important are images of your bots.

You can email your learning to me at I will be sharing your bot designs and aspects of your learning on the site. Feel free to send me your learning however you wish whether it is all in an email, a Google Doc, Word Document, presentation, etc. It does not matter to me. You showcase your learning how you see fit. I just want to make sure the world knows about you and your learning.

Even more important is that I want to develop the largest online collection of amazing brushbots and artbots on the planet. How many unique ways can we create artwork?


Brushbot and Artbot Examples

Coffeechug Google+ Photo Album

Additional Resources

Halloween Fun

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