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Over the last school year we have started off connecting with a village in Uganda, Africa, collaborating on the topic of “What is Success?”, and currently in the phase of sending school supplies to the students who are doing well in school.

It has been an amazing journey, but we are not done. We have bigger goals. We have bigger plans.

We want to build a school.

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Over the last six months we have worked to develop a platform to do just this. We have spun our wheels on how to market, promote, and operate something of this scale on our own while still covering Common Core, PBL, standards, and all the paperwork that comes with education while not losing sight of spending time with our families and getting away from school from time to time.

I have decided that instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we have joined forces with Pencils of Promise. I read the book by Adam Braun and have never been so inspired by anything in my life. Working with the village in Africa made me realize how important it is to help those in need.


If you buy the book through this link we receive money from Amazon Affiliate program which we will use 100% of it for school supplies to send to schools(we are still going to continue this endeavor) as well as fund our Pencils of Promise campaign of raising $25,000 to build a school

We are seeking members to join our team. We will be doing projects in our school, reaching out to our global networks, and in the end we hope to reach our goal.

Personally, I am in the process of selling my books from my own collection. More details coming, but the premise is to help promote literacy by mailing out my books. I will mail the books for free, the person just pays for shipping costs and if they want to donate any money on top of the shipping costs it will all go towards our fundraising project.

So far, I have sold over $100 of books on eBay and made a donation already. I will have links to the books soon.

Here is how you can help

1. Join our team and help spread the word of our goal

2. Fundraise or Donate to money to our team

3. Buy books that I recommend using my Amazon Affiliate link







4. Request books that I am giving away from my personal library

5.  If you have any clever ideas please share by contacting me.

It is a big year to make big change. I am excited to help Pencils of Promise and this will provide the structure to move us in the right direction with a great deal of support.

More items coming soon so please come back and check us out. We will be posting videos, images, podcasts, and more. We have a lot in development to help make this a reality.

We hope you will join us.

Share the message #buildaschool and @coffeechugbooks


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