Christmas Puzzles, Riddles, Games and More to Survive the Week!

The week before Christmas is always a tough one. It is a week when kids don’t want to learn and teachers hold on for dear life. The cold weather, the coughs, the sugar buzz, the excitement, and a nice break in the future make it hard to get much done.

School must go on. The bells will ring, the bus routes continue, and we must not lose our minds completely.

Over years I have gathered many puzzles, riddles, logic, puzzles, and more that have allowed me to survive when I was in the classroom.

Recently, on the Iowa gifted listserv a huge file was posted of many of these items. As I clicked on them all I was taken back to memory lane doing many of these in the classroom to break up the day.

I have decided to compile them into one document and add a few more that I used to use back in the day.

I hope you find them helpful, fun, and a nice way to enjoy these days with your students and maybe even your family. If you have others that you use that others could benefit from please reach out to me and I will add them to the document.

Enjoy and happy holidays. We are close!

Document of goodies

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