Coffeechug #Minimalism Challenge Day 4: Trouble Lurks Ahead

**This was from a few days ago, but just had not posted yet.**

Today is going to be a challenge. I don’t have items to mail off from eBay yet. I have not worked on the Nerd Cave to toss items and prepare for today like the other three days have been. Today becomes even more difficult because yesterday a box from my shopping online arrived. I know I shared that I am working on not buying online, but as a teacher I need new pants each year. You might argue that this is not a need, but it is when you have not worked out and the two pair of pants that fit last year have been wore out in the good parts regions from wearing each and everyday. When I slim down I can wear my other pants, but that is not happening overnight. I order four pairs of pants from Dockers and order two new belts. My belts are old. The black belt was my dad that I borrowed for a wedding 10 years ago and the brown belt was one I borrowed from my brother in his closet when I was back in Indiana and forgot to pack a belt. The belt was his from high school so both need to go.

Adhering to the rules I need to toss out 6 items to balance the purchase and then more to stick to the challenge. I need to put together a plan to eliminate some goods. This is not going to be an easy day by any means.

Here I am at the end of the day around 11:00 pm and I was able to make today a great day. I had to get creative so I ventured into the closet of the Nerd Cave. The closet is the place I have avoided. I have spent time decluttering the actual interface of the office, but the closet is packed with 33 years of life.

Today I took down the rack of guitar goodies. I have placed my guitar, amp, and pedals up for sale and today I sorted through the rack of magazines and books. Once again I reference magazines, but you are now starting to see the issue I have with keeping everything. Today I recycled 32 guitar magazines from 1999-2000. Yes, 15 years old and I still have them in tip top shape ready to shredded in my guitar playing days. I had to convince myself to toss them. And I did. I took the 14 guitar books that I purchased in stores up for sale on eBay.


Overall, I had to ditch six items to break even with the goods that arrived. I tossed two belts in exchange for the two new belts and 32 magazines. This brings my total declutter for the day today at 28 after taking off four from the pants I purchased. Additionally, I tossed out some unnecessary guitar papers and eliminated that crate of guitar stuff today.


The Nerd Cave is mess, but I am slowly getting rid of stuff and actually have eliminated more than ever before.

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