Coffeechug Reads Frugal Isn’t Cheap

In Frugal Isn’t Cheap, Clare Levison serves up practical financial advice with a side of southern charm. Filled with real-life stories, it will challenge you to change the way you think about money.

Her message is deceptively simple and clear: it’s cool to be smart about your money; it’s stylish to be sensible rather than overindulgent; financial stability is more glamorous than extravagance. But cut up the credit cards? No way. Levison prefers to promote responsibility rather than abstinence. She takes a realistic approach to personal finance that we can all live with, including:

  • How to find and nurture your frugal side
  • Why you don’t need to cut up your credit cards
  • The simple formula for financial success
  • The Savings Challenge, 20%
  • The best ways to make large purchases

Coffeechug Thoughts(buy the book on my Book Table Page)

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A great read! This book was quite helpful. I have been reading several books on helping to improve finances and debt. After reading books by Dave Ramsey this book was good to compare. I found the simplicity of the tips in this book more manageable than ideas by Dave Ramsey although very similar to the overall ideas. The key is to be honest with yourself and make practical decisions. I don’t agree with everything, but using the tips in this book makes life better on track. I really like the Have To and I’d Rather columns for the budget.

Short and simple and helpful which is what you want when trying to make changes in your life. Change is not easy, but gaining some common sense tips can help the journey.


The key tips I like

1. Coupons for only things you use. Don’t buy because coupons are good deals if you don’t use the product. For us it is just about actually using coupons.

2. I love this quote “Instead of spending time accumulating more, spend your time taking good care of hate things you already have.”

3. Budget your expenses into two columns “Have To” and “I’d Rather” columns to see how you are spending your money and make necessary changes.

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