Coffeechug YouTube Success and Suck in 2014

This year I made an effort to make a more concentrated effort with making videos for YouTube. I was not making videos for views, but I was making videos to offer help and tutorials to show people a variety of things. My YouTube channel has changed over the years, but in 2014 and heading into 2015 I want more of a focus on tutorials, reviews of tech, and productivity.

I don’t look at the stats very often because I share what I want to share. But when it comes to the end of the year I do believe it is worthwhile to examine if what you are doing is creating positive help.

In 2014 I had a little over 29,000 views. This is nothing compared to most accounts on YouTube, but for me this was a great number. I joined YouTube in 2009 and my lifetime views are a bit over 70,000. Working to create more quality content paid off as almost half of my views in five years on YouTube were collected this year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.04.01 AMBefore I share the videos, I will say that the $50 made on ads will all be donated to Pencils of Promise. Every little bit helps. You can learn more about our team if you wish.

Here are my Top 10 Videos viewed in 2014. Three of these videos are now in my Top 10 All Time Views for my account.

1. Bald Eagle Screech – This video was created in 2013 for my Bald Eagle Global Project. It continues to reign supreme for another year.

2.Opening Ollie from Sphero – A simple video made in September 2014 in which I unbox the latest and coolest robot from Sphero.

3. LEGO EV3 Windy City – This video made in March 2014 demonstrates a project created by some of my students for First Lego League.

4. LEGO EV3 Minecraft Creeper – Another video made in 2013 in which I shared a very feeble attempt at building a creeper.

5. LEGO EV3 Gyro Bot Climbs Uneven Surface – Another video made involving LEGO and also created in 2013. Creating this list is letting me know what people actual find value in what I create!

6. Gage Pit rules for BMS – This video was another 2013 video where students put together a video on how to play and use the Gaga Pit.

7. Classroom Cribs Challenge – I submitted a video for this challenge in August of 2014 to showcase Coffeechug Cafe. I really need to do this video over again, but it shows a glimpse of where things were at the time.

8. DJI Phantom won’t take off! – This video was created in August of 2014 after trying to repair my drone after crashing in the ocean. I was seeking help and I found out the amazing power of crowdsource and help as I was able to fix my drone.

9. Bald Eagle Photography Interview – This was conducted in 2013 where I interviewed a professional photographer who has had work in National Geographic. It was really interesting hearing his ideas.

10. Use Wunderlist to Organize Weekly Productivity – In September 2014 I put together this video to explain how I use Wunderlist to stay organized. This has had great feedback and look forward to making more videos on how I use this tool.

Additionally, I experimented with video in a few other ideas that simply were not very good.

I made some videos about books I was reading(fail)

I tested out making a video explaining resources in my newsletter(nobody cares)

I have shared some videos about mindset(over-saturated market)

I learned a lot this year. One thing that I am finding out through all my sharing is that people enjoy the tech, productivity, and LEGO EV3 information I share. As I work to streamline all I do I need to look at these numbers and feedback and give people what they actually use, view, and read.

I look forward to making higher quality videos in 2015 and developing a few new series on Productivity and LEGO EV3.

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