Creative Challenge For Your Makerspace: Deck of Cards Challenge

I posted this activity in my latest newsletter, Make Yourself Into A Maker Newsletter: Chapter 5, but I wanted to be sure everyone had a chance to use it.

Do you need an idea for your makerspace?

Do you need an idea for your child at home?

I have created a new maker challenge for everyone. This one deals with a deck of cards.

With the help of our amazing graphics person at the AEA(Susan Waddell) we have made a printable poster that you can put in your makerspace.

I cannot wait to see what gets posted to the Padlet or Flipgrid. We have provided two options to see what people prefer.

And adults don’t be bashful! Get in there and learn and share as well.

When posting to Twitter or Instagram please use #maker9 hashtag.

Get going with your bad self and start being creative and learn something new!

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