Do not contradict yourself

This is something that drives me more insane than anything else in life and in particular the world of education.

Don’t complain about students doing “x” and then among staff do that very thing.

Do not state that you don’t like things being “generic” and then use clipart from 1984.

Don’t complain about Hollywood movies about education and then make your key points based off those movies.

Don’t talk about the importance of data and then ask for evaluations that don’t have anything negative because it may hurt your feelings.

Don’t state you know how to read body language and vibes from audience and don’t make changes.

Instead, stay your course. You won’t please everyone. But stand your ground, BUT be consistent. You cannot make statements that you are not supporting. Nothing will lose more respect with people than contradictions.

Well, maybe one thing, making your audience clap once if you can here them.

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