Do you have an opinion on group work in the classroom? #edplay

If you are involved in education as an educator, parent, or student, then you have come across group work. Over time we have had good experiences and not so good experiences. Group work is vital to education, but does not come without issues.

This topic is one that fires people up. We want to hold a panel discussion on Google Hangout next week. We want the voices of students, educators, and others to chime in on the topic. We have room for a few more voices to be on the panel.

If you don’t want to be on the panel, then I hope you tune in and watch on YouTube, join the conversation there or on Twitter and we will incorporate your ideas into the discussion. We want to discuss the real issues of group work and begin to come up with some solutions to the ideas.

We hope you will join us. To learn more read the form and add your name if interested in being part of the panel.


#edplay GHO Panel Chat

When: Feb. 26th

Time: 8:00 pm CST

Where: Google Hangout – using hashtag #edplay for backchannel

Topic: Group Work in the Classroom


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