Emails From Me: Issue 8

I had a moment where I felt like cancelling this newsletter. I thought about shutting it down and eliminating this weekend work. BUT…..I was up this morning drinking coffee and I was having so much fun opening up all my links I have been reading this week that I realized this is simply not work, but a joy for me to organize and share with others. I decided to test again this week by posting here on my website to compare results vs. reading through the newsletter format.

Please enjoy as much as I have enjoyed deciding what links to share.

I am not sure how to use this video about a pooping unicorn, but I feel like there is something powerful connection to education. This change inhow teens use social media alarms me(in terms of how do we adapt?) as we enter a new phase in internet use. Amazon enters the education realm, but not sure what it means. I realize that education is not the sector of society that is still stuck in an old system of thinking and to be honest this pisses me off as I watch my daughter build a robot.

I found this reddit thread that I plan on using for an upcoming project in my makersapce, feminists fight club, a huge read on email to make it meaningful. Also, I want to make 3D designs like this and test this curriculum out as well.

An interesting perspective on ebooks. I have to write up a blog post as I still love physical books for note taking. Another very interesting reddit thread on AI, we have all the skills we need to do anything and overuse of the word “leader”, and the idea ofcreative confidence.

Last, I completely forgot I published this little dinky ebook a few years back. This week I published Stanford Bunny 3D Printing Challenge with Meshmixer, What are we doing in Coffeechug Cafe? and Power of Parent Teacher Conferences 

I watched Beasts of No Nation, Slingshot, andJobs to help prepare me for my first ever keynote at NCCE. To say I am nervous is not even close to how I feel. Check out my work here. I will add slides soon.

Finally, I have been reading Originals which is on pace to be one of the best books I have read in long time along with How to Fly a Horse andCreative Confidence and Poke the Box for the 5th time.

The next newsletter will come from Seattle so wish me luck.

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