Few Bad Apples: Student Social Experiment Part 4/5

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Today we drop the fourth  part in our five part series showcasing student voice in an 8th grade language arts project.

Please check them out, leave some feedback, comments, questions, etc.

We will be sure the students check it out. They are excited to have their voices heard and to learn from others.

We will be sharing every project as it is not fair to only show what we consider high quality. Every voice deserves to be heard.

We have decided to release the projects in small batches so you take time to view them and provide them with your reactions. As much as we want them to share their voice it is just as important for you to share your voice.


Part 1: Project Overview, Resources, and Explanation

Part 2: First Batch of Student Work

Part 3: Second Batch of Student Work

Here is the next batch of work

Stop Judging Teens T-Shirt Link to Project
Teens Can Prove Adults Wrong Link to Project
It Is Not Talking Back Link to Project
Student Voice Twitter Link to Project
Stop Judging Teens Link to Project
Poster Link to Project
Your Voice Can Make The World Better Link to Project
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