Flat Classroom Teacher Certification Course – Module 2 – Go Mobile

Challenge #5: Go mobile!

Do after: Module 2 Communication
Do: Using your own mobile device find at least one educational way it may be used. Share: Using the text or multimedia of your choice, share on your blog how this may be done and your thoughts on using it with students (the age of your choice.) 
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I used my iPhone the other day while taking my students on a tour of Joseph Bettendorf mansion. The headmaster(it is now a school) gave us a wonderful and very insightful tool. I used my phone for several things.

1. Notepad – I took many notes about stories and facts that I knew I would need to bring back to the classroom.

2. I took multiple photos of students in action to use on the wiki(will be up later tonight)

3. Captured some video for a student who is using the mansion as her research project and she needed help with some visuals.

Later, when we were back in class the next day my students are expected to make their own phone calls to set up their interviews (the project is here http://coffeechug.wikispaces.com/2010-2011+4th+and+5th+Grade+Independent+Study+-+Exploration+of+the+Quad+Cities)

The number was long distance and our school phones don’t allow long distance so my students used my phone to schedule an interview.

I have used my phone for a Lego Robotic app that helped my team test and score our runs.

I have used my phone for conversions during a science extension.

I have used my phone to balance our Lego Table with another app.

I have used my Voice Memo to record my voice with ideas that I don’t want to forget.

I have used my phone for just about every single thing you could imagine.  (Dropbox, sharing student facts on Twtitter to Japan and Portugal, fixing images for a student)

I hate the fact that our school bans cell phones when it could make life a whole lot easier.

Phones are able to accomplish so much more and students are comfortable with them. Simply give them parameters and expectations and give them a chance. It is time for students to be trusted. The projects we could do in class would be so much more if allowed to use the tools stashed in their pockets. 

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2 thoughts on “Flat Classroom Teacher Certification Course – Module 2 – Go Mobile

  1. Give it about 15 years. By that point in time, all textbooks will be on Dual Books with internet capability, and all of the old people like me who don’t trust cell phones will have retired. Well, except me. I have to teach until 2040.And no, I don’t trust students with cell phones.

  2. There would have to be some rules put into place for cell phones to be used. I recently visited a school where students could have their phones on them and I was amazed at how it was never an issue in the 4 hours I was there. I never noticed one student using it for any other purpose than education. I think to my school and have a hard time imagining my student population be responsible, but I know it can be done if implemented correctly.

    I think education is in a phase right now where it is time to change, but it is not so easy to do so.