#GGEE Google Glass Education Experiment 7: Taking Glass on a Run


Here is a little montage of video clips I gathered from my run the other night here in Iowa. I wanted to test out Google Glass during the run to test durability, how the video looks while in motion, and obviously preparing my mind around potentially getting to a place where students wear them at school.

I recorded my entire run of about 45 minutes. The battery did last the entire time, but Low Battery signal turned on during the last 15 minutes. I am too out of shape yet to keep running more to find out how long exactly the battery lasts while recording. Perhaps this Sunday I will do so.

I will not bore you with a complete video of the entire run. Instead I made a short 2.5 minute video to give you a sense of my journey and outlook.

While running I could not help but think of an amazing feature for Google Glass. When it became dark the screen started to become a bit of an annoyance while running. I instantly thought of having the Google Glass become night vision. While running or being the dark is hard to see with the naked eye, we could have night vision to reference if needed. This would be an amazing and quite worthwhile option.

What would you like to see next? Let me know!

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One thought on “#GGEE Google Glass Education Experiment 7: Taking Glass on a Run

  1. I’m amazed that your running yet the only time you notice the bobbing action it when you look at a stop sign or something attached To the ground.