#GGEE Video 8: Project Tuning Process with Students

Today I tested out Google Glass by recording a Project Tuning involving several teachers and students. This project is going to be an amazing one. We would love any feedback on the project that you have to make it better.

A project tuning is a system we use where we provide teachers a chance to run through their project of instruction. The goal is to help them with any questions or issues they are having as well as offer as many ideas and advice to  help make the project better before launch.

One thing we are working on is involving students for the essential student voice piece. We have trained a few to do this tuning process and they are amazing. This is such a vital ingredient to ensuring projects are meeting the needs of the learners.

In terms of Google Glass, you can see that audio can be a concern. At times it was hard to hear so I added some text to help make sense of what was being shared. I will work to figure out ways to ensure audio is increased in a whole classroom in upcoming experiments.

I welcome any and all questions, comments, concerns that you have with either the project idea, Google Glass, or the project tuning process.

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3 thoughts on “#GGEE Video 8: Project Tuning Process with Students

  1. Very interested in the process Aaron. I had 18 years of reaching in a traditional classroom. Last year, I started with a few others a project based program that targets community needs. Projects have been home runs or strikeouts. I thought maybe this process might be something that would help. I would really like to talk sometime soon.

    • Rick, thanks for reaching out. I would love to connect and help out in any possible way. Let us find some time to chat and I will try to answer any questions that you.

    • Rick, let us find a time to connect. I would love to chat and have some convo about this topic. Let me know a time that works.