Google Classroom Open To EVERYONE! Gamechanger!!!!!!

Holy cowabunga all my ninja turtle friends! Have you heard the latest and greatest?

Google Classroom is open to everyone. You are now allowed to have Classroom on your personal gmail accounts making PD, global collaboration, online learning, and more so much easier.

Check out the video and leave me a comment on what this means for you. I have big plans and cannot wait to roll them out this summer. I hope you are ready. Grab your coffee because this changes everything!


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3 thoughts on “Google Classroom Open To EVERYONE! Gamechanger!!!!!!

  1. It seems that (and correct me if I’m wrong) by setting up a Google Classroom and inviting those outside a particular EDU domain could potentially be viewed as a conflict of interest. This is especially true, I believe, if educational topics are discussed with those outside a school district’s domain that focuses on the class creator’s personal agenda. If you’re using a school district’s domain, you represent the district after all. Thoughts?

    • This is a great and very valid point. Something to think about. What type of topic do you see being a conflict of interest? As I think about this opportunity I see it more for global collaboration and not to bash the school system. I was looking at it through the lens of a positive outlook. If someone else were to post a topic that is against the school vision, then does that make you responsible? All great questions for people to focus on.

  2. Working on my doctorate in financial literacy education. I have created an app and 6 tasks for students to complete to assess their growth in understanding the aspect of a loan. My subjects are students in urban centers not necessarily in the same school or even same state. This opens up a whole new opportunity for mhy research.