Google Drive: 3 Tips To Provide Feedback Quickly

Here is your weekly Google tip.

This week we will take a look at Google Drive and uncover three way to provide feedback quickly to students. We all know that time is of the essence and as teachers continue to have larger class sizes, more students on their rosters and mix this with all the mandates of teaching we need to find shortcuts.

Every single second is precious in the life of a teacher. If we don’t find ways to be productive, then our balance of work and life suffer.

This video will cover three tips

  1. Master List of Comments created by BMS Staff(accessible to only BMS Teachers for the moment)
  2. Creating keyboard shortcuts for comments
  3. Suggesting mode of comments



What are other tips that you use to be more productive in giving feedback to students? If you want to join and crowdsource the Master List of Comments please use this document. It is open to everyone while the link above is for BMS staff.

These ideas were derived from Catlin Tucker as well as several other sites that have shared these tips in the past. I just made sure I could actually do the work and that I would actually use these tools which is why the video and such was created.

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