How do you take notes while reading?


I am trying to come up with a more effective way for me to take notes while I am reading. I have tried countless ideas to capture key ideas to either blog about, incorporate into my books I am writing or just store for future use.

Lately I have been folding the corner of the pages and when finished I go back to each page and try to located the passage. If it jumps out at me I know I have something and type up the notes in Evernote in my Book Idea notebook.

I was reading about how Todd Henry uses notecards when he does research and then takes pictures to scan into Evernote. I like that idea.

I thought about adapting that idea to use my Moleskin notebook to write down the ideas and then use the Evernote app to take pictures of the work into my Evernote book.

I have scribbled along the way, but that slows me down.

I am just curious about how others take notes while reading books. If I own the book I could highlight and write in the margins, but with my new declutter policy I am limiting the books I buy so the library will be my best friend.

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One thought on “How do you take notes while reading?

  1. I’ve been struggling with this, too, so I don’t have a perfect answer, but when I own the book nothing beats writing in the margins right there. I find that when I mark the page and try to go back later to write it down, I can’t remember as clearly what I was thinking, so I make myself stop and jot in Evernote or my notebook.