Images and Videos from Recovered GoPro Camera Crash w/ DJi Phantom 2

While on vacation in Gulf Shores, AL I took my DJi Phantom 2 quadcopter out for a fly. Within the first 10 minutes it went bezerk and crashed into the ocean. Everything was ruined. Thousands of dollars down the drain in a second.

My GoPro 3+ camera was not in a waterproof case because I had it on the Gimbal. After a week of not working I have been able to get it somewhat functional. I will be posting what I did soon, but the good news is that I was able to retrieve some images and video.

Unfortunately, during my quadcopter going crazy the camera turned off. That tells me that something crazy was going on. I was able to view the first 6 minutes of flight on the beach and over the gulf. I also have a few pictures to share as well. Not many but enough to share.


Despite my crash, I will be sharing out some videos on how I restored my GoPro and what I am doing to attempt to save my drone, but it is not looking good at this point.

Here are my GoPro images

Here are other images from the trip(not GoPro images, but iPhone images)


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