New LEGO EV3 Book Idea – Want To Help?

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.37.56 AMThis week and last week I have been helping students learn how to program with LEGO EV3 software. They work and work and along the way I show them tips and ideas. What amazes me is how much the software has to offer and how many times students don’t take time to explore.

One of the ideas that came to me this week is that students don’t know what the program is capable of and therefore they don’t explore. If they knew the power of the programming I think they would dive deeper.

Which lead me to my new book idea.

I am working through some details of a new book idea I came up with while teaching LEGO EV3 during my camp. One thing that I think is missing to helping students take programming to a whole new level is a manual that contains every single block. The book would break down the software block by block. Each page would contain an overview of a block and then a breakdown of each mode and parameter for that block. Finally, there would be an example of code to show them how the block could be used. As I work with students they over complicate things by not realizing the potential of the programming. Basically, a whole catalog of every option available with the software in a book format so they could search and find what they need.


I think this would be a great book idea where I would love to collaborate with anyone who would be interested. I started sketching a template that we could use for each block and would love to get moving on this before FLL season begins. I really think it could be a powerful tool for students and teachers to learn more.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Interested in joining? Shoot me an email at aarmau (at) or respond here.

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