Notice the small things

This past weekend I was home the whole time. It feels good to actually be home and not be so busy where I am in and out and missing things. Something that really hit me hard this weekend was this simple fact:

Notice the small things

Over and over again I had time to notice the small things that make people and life so great. For example, my daughter Addyson randomly came downstairs Sunday afternoon to sit with Aiden while he was playing Minecraft. She really could care less about Minecraft although she does try to like it and play the game. What she did is nothing monumental, but was a key trait to who she is as a person. Not only did she come downstairs to sit with him, but she brought him down a popsicle.

Earlier is the week Aiden took time to help Addy with her math. He wanted to be decent to her and help her. It happened so naturally.

There are so many other little events that happened that it really stood out to me. I realized over and over again that despite my goals I have for myself and trying to accomplish so many things that I want to accomplish I have to not forget that family is the most important. Being home after robotics, basketball, and traveling to conferences has allowed me to just sit and be. It is great.

I want all of us to take time to slow down and absorb the small moments. Share your small moments. What have you noticed? This can be at home, at school, elsewhere.

I think it is important to be aware of just being and looking for the small things. The small things lead to big things. This weekend reminded me of so many things and has jump-started my thoughts and ideas on several projects that I was stuck on.

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