Play and Tinkering in the Classroom PD: Week 3 Goodies

This week I want to focus a bit on our individual selves. I would like to branch out into some design thinking, creavity, and innovation, but I think that before we do this we should examine where we are currently.
With that in mind I also want to develop a hands on approach where we can do more than simply read. Obviously, all of these things are up to you to complete. As we work towards transforming schools and our classrooms along with our students into a more play mindset we need to jump in with both feet as well.
This week I am taking an idea from Chapter 1 of InGenius, Ideas Aren’t Cheap, They’re Free. This assignment was part of an online course I took with Tina Seelig and think it fits in perfectly with the goals of this group.

 DESIGN THE COVER OF YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Include an image, the title, subtitle, and write a 200 word (or less) biography. This will be the way that you creatively introduce yourself to the other participants in the class.

Share your work to the G+ community(Join our group to continue the discussions ). I have created a section called Book Cover Autobiography to upload our work to. As people share let us make sure we connect and let them know what we think.

Add your short bio (200 words or less) in the text field.

Use this assignment as a opportunity for self reflection, creativity, and a way to share something about your life with everyone.

The other challenge I have for you is to explore a new app to help you be productive. Share out in the Week 3 discussions in G+ community. What are apps/tools that you love to stay focused and what is a new one you are testing out this week? We must constantly be active learners so test out at least one new app. Next week we will share out how this app helped/did not help.

Two tasks to challenge you a bit this week. I think you can handle it!

Looking Ahead

I am planning on another #edplay  Twitter Chat next week. I am working on a topic for the chat, but if you have something that you would like addressed please let me know.

I will be sharing out some reading articles again next week. I don’t want to bombard us with articles every week, but I have a few that I would like to share out from Papert. In particular looking at some articles focusing on our mindset as children and how to merge that with our adult mindset. If you have any good ones let me know.

I am bringing back Teacher Tinker Time to my school. This Thursday we will be using Build to Express with staff to work through the concept of teamwork. I will try to post some pictures and video if staff allows me to.

View of room over winter break

Coffeechug Cafe

Last, this weekend I worked a robotics station for Bettendorf ScienceFest(Bettendorf ScienceFest: Coffeechug Cafe/Robotics Room, Google Glass, Robots, Art, and STEM It was a blast and reminded me the importance of play and exploration.

Have a great week and I look forward to your book covers.

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