Productivity Tip: Presentation View to Battle Tabs, Tabs, and More Tabs

If you are like me, then you have a to do list a mile long of all these things that you want to get done. Now, not all of the items are essential but you have convinced yourself that they are to be done NOW! So you grab your coffee, head to your office and start working. However, the moment you open up your computer you instantly become distracted by the hundreds of tabs on your internet browser that you think you must read and should not close. Even worse, you have several browsers open with the same situation.

And just in case you accidentally close a tab you have the Sexy Undo extension to keep everything you close.

So, a few hours go by and you have dabbled in about 50 different things, but never completed one item from your list.

How do you fix this problem?

Below in this video I will show you one of many tips I use to stay focused. It is simple and easy. I will post more using other products that I use, but I will start with Google Apps and Chrome.

So easy and simple to use and it is free.

I hope you find this helpful.

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