Realizing Who You Are

I have been working through many ideas in my head around passion, mindset, culture, and purpose and really struggling to find any source of an answer or belief on my part. I wrote a piece about Passion, Mindset, Culture, and Purpose Part Uno last week where I focused on mindset and culture.

I have probably written close to 15 different draft blog posts on passion and whether or not it is bad advice or the way to live our lives by pursuing our passions. Each one has not felt right in terms of how I really think or feel.

I headed down to the Nerd Cave this morning and on my screen was something my daughter, Addy, wrote for her notebook. Her and I have been really connecting over the NBA Finals talking about mindset, toughness, work ethic, etc. We have been working on her form and doing some driveway exercises. She keeps a notebook where she draws, doodles, writes ideas, and whatever else she does. I saw her gluing some papers to it the other day, but did not pry as it is her notebook.

Well, she left her document up on my computer and I thought it was perfect for sharing. Here is the mind of a 9 year old and in these words are some powerful ideas that we as adults can learn from(just avoid the grammar issues).

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 7.28.56 PM


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