Robodogs Robotic Camp Day 4

Day 4 proved to be a tough day. The last three days students have blow us away with what they have been able to accomplish. Today we launched for challenges for the students to work on. They could choose which one they wanted to start with and they could choose how they wanted to go about solving the challenges. All challenges are in the slidedeck.

Our main goal today was to look for application. Could the students apply what they have been learning the last three days, infuse all their tools, and apply to new situations? We were looking to see if they could further develop their build design and apply all the coding lessons. More importantly, have the students made progress from day one in their skills.

This camp is a tough one to operate because we have all walks of experience. We have incoming 5th graders who have never seen the robot to 8th graders who have had 3-4 years experience. What is considered success for each student is uniquely different as each kid that walks through our door. Every single day we see growth with the students. It is not just about programming, but how do you ask quality questions, how do you deal with adversity, how do you treat others, how do you merge thoughts with other people, and how do you make yourself better each and every single day?

Students worked like crazy to accomplish the challenges. We saw many great things. We told them upfront not to be discouraged if they did not get through them all because it is impossible given the scope of time. Throughout the day we saw many breakthroughs.

It is hard to believe that the last day is coming up. What we have planned for the last day is something I am very excited about. It will require great energy, passion, and group work networking to pull off, but I think we are going to have some amazing breakthroughs on the last day.


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