Students Share Your Voice for #StuCamp

In a few weeks we launch our first ever StuCamp in three locations. We are so excited to bring the EdCamp buzz to the world of students for them to share their voice and ideas.

Leading up to our event on February 28th some awesome students from Bettendorf Middle School have developed a Tumblr to promote student voice. They need your help or should I say they need your voice.

Check out the great idea they have developed and share your ideas with me(Coffeechug) so we can publish your voice!


Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 6.40.09 AM


So, here’s some step by step instructions on how to create these posts and get them on the blog, just to be as clear as possible.

1. Pick your song! You can use the title of the song or a lyric in the song to use for your title, but it has to be related to the content of your post in some way or form. Also, it’d be best to keep the songs appropriate since it is a school related blog.
2. Write your blog post out. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be, as long as you get your point across. At least a decent paragraph would be preferable though, and if you right more, even better!
3. Attach a link to the song you chose to the post. It can be at the bottom of the post or somewhere you feel it would belong, just so the reader has something to reference.
Please submit your blog posts to Mr. Maurer ( to be loaded to the website.
As for the topics of the blog posts themselves, I would just stick to things within the school that you would like to change using student voice, or perhaps suggestions as to how we could possibly go about changing it as well to keep it from sounding like one big pity party.
If you have any other ideas or suggestions feel free to mention them! Or if you don’t get something, feel free to ask about it. Thank you!
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