Teacher Mystery Interview

Yes! I have a new challenge. This is something for Bettendorf Middle School students, teachers, parents, etc. to take part in. Watch the video below for some information and good luck from there.

Teacher Mystery Interview Challenge #1

What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? Grape

What do you think of hot dogs? Great at baseball games and cookouts.

Favorite Holiday movie or tv special? Frosty the Snowman

What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Juice

Can you do push ups? If yes, how many? Nope

Favorite hobby? Playing with my kids.

Middle name? Mitchell

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? Be careful. Watch out. Interesting.

Current worry? Worried about the H1N1 flu

Where would you like to go? The beach

Do you own slippers? yes

What color shirt are you wearing right now? white

Can you whistle? Sort of

Favorite color? Blue

Would you be a pirate? No

What’s in your pocket right now? $5.00 and a grocery list

Best toy as a child? Legos and Barbies

What is your favorite candy? White chocolate

What are you currently reading? James Patterson “5th Horseman

What is your favorite book of all time? The Giving Tree

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10 thoughts on “Teacher Mystery Interview

  1. Okay it cant be a guy cause they dont like barbies but i know a guy that does mr. maurer and he used to have them in his room but he doesnt any more and he would hav a chance of being the person.

  2. Ohk, i have no clue what so ever, this is so confusing, i know its a girl because they played with barbies, and mrs burke told me it was a girl and she knows her fairly well, sooo, you just wait mr maurer, i will find out

  3. I like that you are all trying to figure out the teacher. You have some good thoughts here. Good luck! Perhaps narrow down your choices and start asking those teachers some questions to see if you can find out any additional info.

  4. You can find the answer in the Nerd Factory video #4 among all the other super cool things I talk about in the video. However, if you want the uncool answer and don’t want to watch the uber cool video, then look at the poll results because they don’t lie. Students and teachers chose correctly.

  5. I also know that its not mr. maurer because when it asked would you be a pirate, i know mr.maurer would say yes!