Tetrix PRIZM Tutorial 3: DC Motors

It is time for another tutorial with the Tetrix PRIZM. We are ready to make things move. Are you ready?
For this activity you will need

  1. PRIZM
  2. USB cable to connect to computer
  3. Arduino software
  4. Battery supply
  5. On/Off switch
  6. DC Gear Motor

If you have not already downloaded the PRIZM library, then please do so as we will be using the example code provided for this challenge.

Step 1: Make sure everything is up and running by double checking that your PRZIM boots up and is ready to go.

Step 2: Pull up the Move_DCMotor sketch from the PRZIM library

Step 3: Wire your DC motor to the PRIZM

Step 4: Manipulate code to meet your needs.

In this video I go into great detail about programming and setting up the motor. I also showcase my own struggles to get a robot to move straight as I believe it is important to share the learning process.

I welcome all questions, feedback, and suggestions for upcoming videos.

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