Training – P90X – Day 15 – Chest and Back(Week 3) and Week 2 Review

Today is a day off from school. Being that I am out of routine, my motivation was gone. I did not get up early to workout and that threw me off. I had to gather some motivation from deep within to get started this afternoon. I am dead. My chest and back are in pain and it is awesome. I am so glad I got going.

1/17/11 Reps/Effort Weight
Chest & Back
1. Military Push-ups  
5:40 AM 25  
5:40 AM 20  
2. Heavy Pants  
5:40 AM 15 40
5:40 AM 12 45
3. Lawnmowers  
5:40 AM 12 40
5:40 AM 12 50
4. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups  
5:40 AM 5  
5:40 AM 4  
5. Standard Push-ups  
5:40 AM 30  
5:40 AM 30  
6. Wide Front Pull-ups  
5:40 AM 4  
5:40 AM 4  
7. Wide Fly Push-ups  
5:40 AM 25  
5:40 AM 30  
8. Decline Push-ups  
5:40 AM 15  
5:40 AM 18  
9. Dive Bomber Push-ups  
5:40 AM 7  
5:40 AM 7  
5:40 AM 5  
10. Back Flys  
5:40 AM 12 20
5:40 AM 12 25
11. Diamond Push-ups  
5:40 AM 20  
5:40 AM 15  
12. Reverse Grip Chin-ups  
5:40 AM 7  
5:40 AM 6  

Last week started off great. I was so focused all week. Monday through Friday I was on top of it. I precooked all my meat and meals for school so all was prepared. I was excited for my gains. I was having better results in the workouts from week 1 and felt good. 

Then the weekend hit. I had to go out of town for a state Lego competition. It all fell through. I lost my focus, my plan, my goals. I ate terrible all Friday night and all day Saturday. Chips, cookies, pizza, sub sandwiches, not structure or order to the chaos. I felt terrible. It actually made me feel ill. I was mad at myself. I was furious because I was so good and just like that I let my guard down and here I am. Due to that my results are not where I want to be. It just snowballed and I kept going and eating more and more.

This morning I did my weekly weigh in. 

Week 1 I was 224.6 with body fat of 22.2
Week2 I was 221.6 with a body fat of 21.7
Week 3 I came in at 221.4 and body fat at 21.3.

So, I went down .2 lbs and .4% body fat in one week. Too much work with poor results. I only have one place to point my finger and that is at myself. 

Back at it this week. The third time is a charm right?

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