Two Ways To Beautify Your G Suite System

After binge listening to Google Teacher Tribe Podcast I thought it might be good for me to clean up all the tips and tutorials I have created to help teachers and students in the school I work at along with anyone who checks them out online.

I was pumped to see that I now have over 50+ tips and tried to organize them a bit better. It is not perfect, but something I working to make even nicer for the user(I need more time in my day!)

I thought I would share two tips I have to help beautify your Google Drive and Gmail. One is a new one and another is one I have shared before.


If you have other tips and ideas please share so we can all learn together.

  1. Gmail Sender – this little tool adds icons to your email to help you visually find the emails you need faster!
  2. Add Emojis to Google Drive Folder – Want a better way to enhance the look of your Google Drive?Using you can now copy an image and paste it into the name of a Google Folder to add emojis and symbols to your folder names. 
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