URGENT: International Debate Judge Help for Project Based Learning

Quick backstory.

Students from all over the US and India have been working since October on a debate over the topic: Is Revolution Justified?

Many of the students debate from the perspective of the American Revolution due to standard alignment. These are mostly 8th graders, but a few younger and older kids are mixed in over the course of over 800 students involved.

Students finished recording their debates in November right before Thanksgiving. We are now in the judging stage. Typically we have plenty of judges to provided feedback, but with a late last minute drop we are short judges.

THANK YOU to all of you who have stepped in to help debate. We are almost there. We just about have them completed. I have updated the debate team spreadsheet. All the ones highlighted in blue have the results posted via the Google Form.
If you know of any else who can judge or if you have students who can take another debate I would be so appreciative. I want to get these all judged before winter break as these kids have waited for close to three weeks for their results.
We are seeking help to get the rest of the debates judged. If you have a class of students who can help or if you can take one debate, then please let me know. I can help you get what you need.

Here is how it works

1. This link is a link to our teacher handbook which contains everything about the debate project. This will give you everything you need to understand more about the project.

2. This google doc has the teams that need judges. If you look at column E you will see all the teams that currently do not have a judge assigned to them.

Clarification: you will see three rows for the same debate. This is just for the debate teams to sort students.

Clarification 2: Please add your name to the debates you and/or your students will be judging so we know we have them all covered.

3. Please add your name to any of the debates that you can judge. Feel free to spread the word, have your students judge, etc. Typically we have students just to work on their standards on 21st century skills, but we will gladly take anyone. Even if you can only do one we will still take your help.

4. Part 7 of the handbook has all the information for judging where you can access the rubric/Google Form to submit your scoring.

Let me know if you have questions. Thank you so much.

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