Using Sway As An Online Resume Builder

There are so many options out on the market today to do anything that you want to do.

Sometimes the key is simplicity in a tool that will allow for the user to still have the ability for a personal touch.

Sometimes we want the tool to serve many needs depending the project and goal to eliminate having to learn one more thing.

Sometimes we need to look at the tools we currently use through a different lens.

Every single time we consider technology and a new tool we must be thoughtful in the question of Why? Why do I need to use this tool? Does it actually serve the purpose of the goal we are trying to reach.

This is exactly what I did with Sway.

I have used Sway in the past for many different uses. I have used Sway as a student newspaper newsletter, updates on activities in summer camps I run, basketball team updates, tutorials for students, to document my Skype travels with students, applications for professional learning and networks, and as a way to sort new learning.

Recently, I wanted to enhance my resume. I already have LinkedIn, but wanted something more visual. I need something that I could send out with one link that would showcase my work to those that needed to see the big picture of what I do and how I can be helpful. I decided to give Sway a try. I wanted to embed documents that would update when I changed them. I wanted to include video and images as artifacts without being a burden to access. I wanted a portfolio that would allow the user to grab what they want when they want it.

In the end I developed this Sway which is still being developed. I have a bit more work to do, but the mainframe is complete.

As I think about this concept,  I think about how great this would be for students to develop something similar. If students had a Sway where they could document their learning journey as they see fit. This would be the one stop shop for them to include video, images, documents, presentations, social media, etc. Login is easy. Sway is accessible on nearly any device. There is no cost. It is a low level learning entry tool with a ton of personal touches.

It is a tool that does not distract the user from being caught up in fonts and animations, but instead keeps the user focused on the content.

At the end of a project they could use it as a guide to showcase their learning.

I think we need to give Sway a more professional focus and really start to see how the tool could be used for a whole new level of learning and documentation.

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