We Can Always Choose To Be Mad And Angry But….

what good will that really do you, your family, your work, and for the people around you?

Think about it – we only have a set amount of days here on Earth. We don’t need to waste the precious moments we have being upset about things we cannot change.

Instead of being mad, focus on how you can take the situation or issue and flip it to be a positive or at least helpful to you and what you are working on.

When you get upset, then you attract others who feel the same. This just fuels the fire of negative energy. Next thing you know people are backing out of the room because they cannot handle the negative vibe being created.

Even worse is when you are angry and upset you continue to find everything else being bad.

Flip the mindset. Flip towards being proactive. Make something out of nothing.

When we cast a positive light on things we can actually put forth quality effort on the tasks at hand. We can feel good about what we are doing. Other people with positive mindsets flock around you which just fuel the passion to do good.

This is not always easy and there are times I need to heed my own advice, but it sure is something to chew on. Speaking of chewing, if you think of a cookie you can focus on the butter mixed into the batter or the delicious taste of a chocolate chip cookie and be thankful you have a glass a milk nearby!



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