What Have I Been Doing All Week

I have decided to take break from training, healthy eating, and following a program this week.

I was loving this Monday and Tuesday. My legs were still quite sore Tuesday.

By Wednesday I started to feel gross and disgusting. I had the urge to get back into training.

Thursday I did get up early and run. I ran only 4 miles, but it felt good to get back out there and do something good for myself.

Today I was going to swim, but I just did not want to get up.

It is weird how taking a week off makes you realize how quickly things fall apart. It is just a swirl of chaos as I don’t train so I eat this or that, feel bad about it, then decide to just keep eating like crap. As I continue this my motivation also goes to the wayside.

Of course I realize that taking one week off will not greatly impact my fitness. Yes, I will lose a bit, but this body and mind needed a break. I have been training hard since January.

This weekend I have to really make a decision about the QC Marathon that is about a month away. I feel that I need to get some good running sessions in to be ready, but I am not that far out of shape with my tri training.

This is where I have been. I have been focusing all of my energies on teaching and school along with family. It has been a big shift.

I look forward to getting back into some routine. Not sure that routine will be yet, but it will come to me. I have time to figure things out.

What do you do for training when you are not specifically training for a certain event or race?

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One thought on “What Have I Been Doing All Week

  1. Aaron – I used to train only when I was racing (so during the summer), but that changed when February of 2009 came around and I could not even run two miles I was so out of shape. So, I tone down my training, running low miles 3-4 times a week and biking on my trainer once or twice a week. (I’ve thought about trying Insanity this winter.) This way I am still in good enough shape if I want to do a winter race like the Reindeer Ramble or the Frostbite. I’ve found it’s just not worth it to take weeks and weeks off. It’s just too difficult for me to get started again. Good luck!