What To Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin

I have yet to read anything by Seth Godin that I don’t love. His most recent book, What To Do When It’s Your Turn, is nothing short but amazing.

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As much I believe that reading is essential to growing as a human being, I also believe in the power of sharing and connecting what we are learning.

I am trying something new. I want to share this book with you. All you have to do is reach out to me letting me know you are interested.

Once we connect here is what will happen.

1. I will mail you the book and the Muji notebook. All I ask is that you cover shipping costs which will be quite minimal.

2. Read the book, highlight, write your ideas in the book and the notebook, and share with instructions provided.

3. When finished reading either send the book to the next person or back to me to get ready for the next reader.

4. If the book was of any value all I ask is that you donate what you like(it can be zero if you wish) to my Pencils of Promise campaign to build a school.

In the end a lot of people will benefit from YOU trying to enhance your learning and thinking. It is a win win for everyone.

Check out the video for more information. I am looking forward to sending this book off to the first person.

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7 thoughts on “What To Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin

  1. Hi Aaron!

    I’m David Baez, 24, from Miami Florida and I am a huge Seth Godin fan! I have read 11 of his past books and when I heard about “What To Do When It’s Your Turn”, I knew I had to get my hands on it asap. Unfortunately I got myself into a bit of holiday shopping debt and could not afford to splurge on this book just now given its pretty high price tag. Set on finding a way to get my hands on a copy affordably, I googled and googled until by some stroke of luck I found this page!

    What you are doing is, as Seth would say, Remarkable. I would love to participate if you have any copies left over. The idea of highlighting top passages and writing ideas on the book for the next person is exciting! My personal email address is davidb786@hotmail.com, I would love to hear of how this project has been going so far and to contribute to it.

    Wish you a very happy 2015 Aaron!

  2. Just sent the book back to you today. Some last thoughts.
    Something I have been trying to over come in my classroom with my students is the fear of failure. Seth does a good job of explaining what that is and it speaks to me personally but short of getting students to read the book, how do we get students to over come their fear?
    He talks about he “hungry” student. How do we help students to be excited and eager?

    While I was reading, I kept thinking of one of my favorite movies.
    You should watch Strictly Ballroom http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105488
    Towards the end of the movie there is a turning point where the father and mother admit to their son that “We lived our lives in fear.”
    Should be fun for the whole family.

    Another thought is that, I think students feel failure, even when they succeed, because so much in school is intangible. They don’t feel satisfaction because they have nothing to show for their effort.

    I would also like to put it back onto my students. You have a choice.

    PS There is a present coming with the book.