“You Can’t Always Test An Assumption……..

sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith.” Thomas Goetz(INC magazine July/August)

In education we are told to test ideas, revise, tweak, modify, and continue to edit until it is good. Well, we may not be told that directly, but it is often the feeling that many educators feel. There is this pressure to be spot on all the time squeezing out the safety to explore and experiment.

What happens is that we don’t venture out. We forget our most important asset we have as a human being – our gut instinct.

When we trust our gut, often times great things happen. Don’t forget to trust your instinct and at least once a year take the plunge and just go for it. How will you ever improve your craft and keep things fresh if you worry so much about staying within the lines?

Grab that red crayon, color that cow red, and ignore the preschool teacher who tells you that you are wrong! Not every single person in authority is right all the time. Go for it. Be a kid again and live a little.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.08.11 AM*Yes, as a little kid I was told I did not know how to follow instructions and understand animals because I wanted to color a cow red while in preschool*

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