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I am so excited to be joining forces with Young Engineers of Today to help inspire the youth to program, hack, code, solder, design, tinker, and experiment with the latest technologies and tools available.

Our goal is to educate students through the use of both engineering and scientific methods in hands-on, minds-on projects taught by experienced educators who are leaders in STEM education.

I will be running and operating the Iowa classes. I am so excited to not only help teach students, but to also become a learner again by testing my own skills and knowledge.

This page will be a collection of blog posts, images, videos, and more as we continue to journey of learning. The journey begins September 2nd

If you have questions please reach out to me on my Contact page.

Overview of YEOT



Welcome to the real world of 21st century skills.  Discover how Young Engineers of Today can help students of all abilities engage in STEM, using the latest technologies.  Students are challenged with hands-on, minds-on projects, and learn real world skills in an academic context.  Our students become technology creators, not just technology consumers.

We offer our students:

  • First of its kind engineering educational opportunity for middle school students
  • Affordable and accessible means everyone can participate
  • Students participate in a designated lab or at virtual locations
  • Convenient times to choose from to attend webinars and labs
  • Latest technology including 3D printers and Arduino Microcontrollers
  • Passionate and experienced educators who are leaders in STEM education
  • Plenty of materials so students can work by themselves or in pairs
  • We focus on areas and skills that can lead to a great career in the future
We use the following:

  • Autocad Fusion 360
  • 123D Circuit
  • 3D Printers
  • Backyard Brains
  • Fly To Learn
  • JAVA
  • K’NEX
  • LEGOs
  • Microcontrollers – Arduino
  • OpenPCR Machines
  • Quadcopters
  • SketchUp
  • Scratch
  • Snap Circuits
  • TinkerCad
  • Unity Game Engine
We cover the following topics:

  • 3D Printing
  • Aircraft Design
  • Aerospace
  • Bioengineering
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Electronics
  • Flight
  • Game Programming
  • Internet Of Everything
  • Material engineering
  • Microcontrollers
  • Nanotechnology
  • Physical Computing
  • Robotics
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Web Page creation and hosting


Bio: Aaron Maurer

An educator for Bettendorf Middle School located in Bettendorf, Iowa. His current role as an Instructional Coach allows him to help teachers develop high quality projects for the school as it transforms to a project based learning model.

  • Iowa Teacher of the Year Finalist for 2014
  • Member of the LEGO Education Advisory Panel
  • Member of the Pitsco Education Advisory Panel
  • Iowa Public Television Master Teacher
  • Coaches First LEGO League teams winning state awards several times with a Champion’s Award and competing internationally with the Robodogs
  • Coach and mentor to a LEGO EV3 Summer Camp where he creates the missions each year
  • Advocates and operates several global projects and communications with students all over the world
  • Presented several presentations to the World Gifted Council, ITEC, ITAG, TIC, and other conferences
  • Keynote speaker for National Honor Society
  • Google Glass Explorer
  • Owner of an awesome drone!
  • Coffee connoisseur
  • Father of three and husband to an amazing wife

Bio: Tom Dubick

Talented Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, educator with over 24 years of experience as a teacher and an Engineering  education advocate, who has promoted STEM education in and outside of the K-12 classroom.

  • Over twenty years of experience teaching middle and high school age students engineering
  • Experienced teaching in the traditional school, home school and after school environments
  • Created, developed, and implemented innovative curricula used in the classroom and across the country including Fly To Learn, Raspberry CoPilot and Young Engineers Of Today
  • Speaker at numerous education conferences, including Ted Ex Charlotte ED, NSTA, NAIS and NCAIS
  • Recipient of several teaching awards including Finalist for the Super Connector Award, Time Warner Cable

Thank you for an amazing course. Elliot loved it. He learned so much and really found his passion.  It was a great experience and he enjoyed learning with your program. You made it possible, found a place for him in the class and I am so thankful!  –  Beatrice.Reviews/Testimonials

Our daughter, Delaney, enjoyed your program very much and we would like to thank you for providing such a positive learning experience. We were very impressed by the hands on instruction and we hope she will receive the same passion in all of her future learning. – Lisa.

Thank you Sandy and Tom for your dedication to these children and providing such a wonderful program for them to explore the engineering field.  I feel very fortunate to have found this program for my son and know he is benefiting greatly from it.  It is something he looks forward to each week.  It feeds his passion in a way that his school is not able to provide. –  Lisa.

The content  was challenging and fun and exactly what we were looking for . This was the highlight of my son’s week. – Kristy.

My son LOVED the class.  He looks forward to future classes – Theresa.

My son liked the class and I know he was totally engaged. – Kelly.

Tom and Sandy, Thank YOU so much for making this program available to our students.  I am sure that they would all agree with me that their students learned a tremendous amount and had a great time while learning it. – Jennifer.

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