LEGO EV3: Bluetooth Project – Windy City

Before we strip down all of our robots and complete our sorting process of LEGO for our summer camp I wanted to have one of our students come in to shoot a short video discussing his programming for a prototype of one of our projects from First Lego League.

IMG_9125Adam is an 8th grader. He was on our team for one year being new to our school. In that short time he really came along with programming and has been able to do things that nobody else has been able to do. He is a remarkable kid and I feel so honored to have had time to work with him. I learn from whenever he shares with me his projects and things he is working on.

We created a video where he discusses his idea for this concept. We recorded through my iPad, then did a short screen-share showing the programming, followed by him testing out my Google Glass showing the project one more time.


Let us know what you think and if you have any questions. He is one more example of how amazing students can be when you give them wings to fly and let them go.



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One thought on “LEGO EV3: Bluetooth Project – Windy City

  1. Such great opportunities for students made possible by such kits as these from Lego. Have always thought about that scene from “Apollo 13″ where they throw everything on a table that’s available and they have to connect one opening to another. I think it would be great to have a ” junk” room / closet / cabinet available and have student teams deal with an Apollo 13 situation.

    Do you have any idea why they built motor drive of the demo rather than say using a fan???